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Welford Homestead

Place Details
Place ID 600023
Registration Type State Heritage
Place Name Welford Homestead
Place Classification Built
Place Category Farming - Agriculture/Dairying/Grazing/Horticulture
Place Type Homestead
Themes 2 Exploiting, utilising and transforming the land / 2.3 Pastoral activities
Register Entry Date 21/08/1992

Property Name Welford National Park
Address Welford Homestead
Town / Suburb JUNDAH
Post Code 4736

Cultural Heritage Significance
Principal Period
of Significance
Criterion A Welford Homestead illustrates the early exploration and settlement of the State as pastoral land, later instrumental in the formation of towns throughout Queensland. Welford Homestead is constructed using the pise methods and is a rare surviving example of its type. It demonstrates a high degree of creative achievement in utilising natural resources for construction purposes. It has the potential to yield information through historical and archaeological research that will contribute to an understanding of Queensland's history. It is also an uncommon example of an intact homestead setting. As such, it demonstrates the principal characteristics of its class and contributes to an understanding of early station life. Welford Station has special associations with the community as one of the first stations in the region.

History Welford Downs was taken up by Richard Welford in c1870, having migrated to Australia from Britain in 1863. Welford held the Walton run for only two years before he and his stockman, Henry Hall were murdered by aborigines in 1872. The homestead is thought to be constructed in 1882-83. In 1956, the homestead was damaged by fire and the roof was replaced with a flatter hip roof. Following heavy rain in 1963, the stone kitchen was demolished. In 1989, major renovations brought the building to its present state.

Description The summary information for this place is currently under review.

Keywords Rural heritage

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Last updated: 15 March 2013

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