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Place Details
Place ID 600246
Registration Type State Heritage
Place Name Leckhampton
Place Classification Built
Place Category Residential
Place Type Villa
Themes 6 Building settlements, towns, cities and dwellings / 6.4 Dwellings
Register Entry Date 21/10/1992

Address 69 Shafston Avenue
Post Code 4169

Cultural Heritage Significance
Principal Period
of Significance
1880s/1890s (fabric, historical)
Criterion A Leckhampton provides evidence of an expression of confidence during the 1880s by a prominent businessman and of the earlier affluent residential character of parts of Kangaroo Point.
Criterion D Leckhampton is significant as an externally intact and aesthetically pleasing example of a large, late nineteenth century, city residence on the southside.
Criterion E Leckhampton is significant as an externally intact and aesthetically pleasing example of a large, late nineteenth century, city residence on the southside.

History Considered to be the work of noted architect Alexander B Wilson, Leckhampton was built for Charles Snow shortly after he purchased the land in 1889. Snow, a prominent city jeweller, was also the founder of the Boy Scouts in Queensland. He died in 1913 and the house remained in the Snow family until 1924. Leckhampton was converted into flats by the 1960s. In 1984 the building was refurbished as office accommodation. As part of the redevelopment a similarly styled building was constructed next door.

Description Leckhampton is a two-storeyed brick house with a ribbed iron hipped roof. The front and south-east side of the house are sheltered on both levels by deep verandahs which feature decorative cast-iron balusters, columns and friezes. A square, double-storeyed bay, surmounted by a parapet, projects from the northern corner of the main facade. Entry is through a pedimented doorway which leads to a vestibule hall and stairway lit by an impressive stained glass window. Two single-storeyed enclosed verandahs have been added to the rear. A new paved entertainment and pool area behind the house link Leckhampton with the new building.

Element Name Leckhampton
Designer Name Wilson, Alexander Brown
Design Period 1870s - 1890s Late 19th century
Construction Period 1889 - 1890
Construction Method Load-bearing brick
Fabric (Exterior Structure) Brick
Fabric (Roof) Metal sheeting - ribbed
Roof Form Hipped
Place Components Stained glass window/s
Lookout /Observation deck
Residential accommodation - main house

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Last updated: 15 March 2013

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