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Coorparoo Fire Station (former)

Place Details
Place ID 600569
Registration Type State Heritage
Place Name Coorparoo Fire Station (former)
Place Classification Built
Place Category Emergency Services/Fire Control
Place Type Fire Brigade Station
Themes 6 Building settlements, towns, cities and dwellings / 6.3 Developing urban services and amenities
Register Entry Date 11/06/2003

Address 219 Cavendish Road
Town / Suburb COORPAROO
Post Code 4151

Cultural Heritage Significance
Principal Period
of Significance
1930s (historical) 1930s (fabric) 1935-1976 (social)
Criterion A The Former Coorparoo Fire Station is an important example of the upgrading of fire stations undertaken in Brisbane suburbs by the Queensland Government through the Metropolitan Fire Board during the 1930s. The building was in continuous use as a fire station from 1935 to 1976 and is important as the first of and model for the group of fire stations designed and constructed during this upgrade.
Criterion D The Former Coorparoo Fire Station is an important example of the architecture and planning of Brisbane suburban fire stations of the 1930s incorporating offices and engine room to the ground floor and a residence to the first floor. The interiors in both the operational and domestic areas reflect the operation of 1930s fire stations and are substantially intact.
Criterion E The Former Coorparoo Fire Station has aesthetic and architectural significance as a former modest, functional civic building. Robust and austere, with its simple horizontal banding and use of readily available materials, it is easily identified in the streetscape. A landmark on Cavendish Road, the former fire station is sympathetic in scale, form and materials to its residential setting.
Criterion H The Former Coorparoo Fire Station is a fine example of the work of the architectural firm Atkinson and Conrad. Atkinson, through the firms he was associated with, sustained a long association with the Fire Services in Brisbane commencing in 1890 with his design for the new headquarters for the Brisbane Fire Brigade. His architectural practices were responsible for many of the fire stations throughout Brisbane. It is a proto-Modern building and elements evident in the design may have been influential in popularising their use.

History The summary information for this place is currently under review.

Description The summary information for this place is currently under review.

Element Name Coorparoo Fire Station (former)
Designer Name Atkinson & Conrad
Style Georgian
Design Period 1919 - 1930s Interwar period
Construction Period 1935 - 1935
Construction Method Frame - timber
Fabric (Exterior Structure) Timber - weatherboard
Fabric (Roof) Terracotta tiles
Roof Form Hipped
Place Components Residential accommodation - superintendent's house/quarters
Fire station

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Last updated: 15 March 2013

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