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Lt Thomas Armstrong Memorial

Place Details
Place ID 600724
Registration Type State Heritage
Place Name Lt Thomas Armstrong Memorial
Alternative Name The Valley Uniting Church
Place Classification Built
Place Category Monuments and Memorials
Place Type Memorial/Monument
Themes 8 Creating social and cultural institutions / 8.6 Commemorating significant events
1 Peopling places / 1.4 Family and marking the phases of life
Register Entry Date 21/10/1992

Address Victoria Street
Town / Suburb MIRANI
Post Code 4754

Cultural Heritage Significance
Principal Period
of Significance
1917 (historical, fabric)
Criterion A The Armstrong Memorial is important is demonstrating the pattern and evolution of Queensland's history, as a memorial to the participation and death in battle of a member of the Marian community in the First World War. In its depiction of martial symbols such as the sword and battalion crest, it reflects a pride in Australia's participation in the war as a nation within the Empire as well as personal loss.
Criterion B The Armstrong Memorial is rare in Queensland as a privately erected war memorial to an individual soldier.
Criterion E The Armstrong memorial has aesthetic value as a well designed and good quality war memorial publicly displayed in the church.

History This memorial is unusual in that it is dedicated to the memory of an individual soldier. It marks the death on 12 October 1917 of Lt Thomas A Armstrong who was killed at the age of 26 near Passchendaele, Flanders during the First World War. Armstrong's family lived on a farm between Marian and Mirani. The memorial was erected behind the altar at St James Uniting Church (then Presbyterian? Methodist?) at Marian, a timber church located on Anzac Avenue near the Marian sugar mill. The mason who created the memorial is unknown. It was mounted behind the pulpit on the northern side of the church. By 1991 the church was no longer in use and it was proposed that the Marian State School purchase the site for its use. Local church services were relocated to St Stephens Uniting Church at the nearby township of Mirani and the memorial was transferred from St James church to St Stephens, Mirani.

Description The memorial is a tablet of black polished stone, measuring 104 x 64 cms and forms the base for two white marble reliefs. The lower one is in the form of a scroll and sword and has the inscription: In Loving Memory of Lieut Thomas A Armstrong 33rd Battalion AIF who was killed in action near Passchendaele, Flanders on 12th October 1917 aged 26 years. Greater love hath no man than this. The upper white marble relief bears the battalion crest in polychrome and its motto, Strenue Percute.

Element Name Lt Thomas Armstrong Memorial
Design Period 1914 - 1919 World War I
Construction Period 1917? - 1917?
Fabric (Exterior Structure) Stone - marble
Place Components Memorial - plaque

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Last updated: 15 March 2013

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