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Quart Pot Creek Rail Bridge

Place Details
Place ID 600829
Registration Type State Heritage
Place Name Quart Pot Creek Rail Bridge
Place Classification Built
Place Category Transport - Rail
Place Type Bridge - railway
Themes 5 Moving goods, people and information / 5.3 Using rail
Register Entry Date 21/10/1992

Address Quart Pot Creek
Town / Suburb STANTHORPE
Post Code 4380

Cultural Heritage Significance
Principal Period
of Significance
1880s (fabric)
Criterion A The Quart Pot Creek Rail Bridge is an important part of what was formerly the interstate link between Brisbane and Sydney. It is the fourth oldest bridge of its type in Queensland.
Criterion F The bridge demonstrates a robust engineering design, which has allowed it to be upgraded whilst retaining its essential character.

History The Quart Pot Creek Rail Bridge was constructed in 1886 as part of the Brisbane-Sydney interstate rail link. The major impetus to development in Stanthorpe occurred in 1872 with the start of the practice of alluvial tin mining after discoveries of the valuable metal in the area in the mid 1850s. Stanthorpe become the collective name for two townships that grew as a result of the mining boom and became the only centre on the pastoral Darling Downs to develop with mining based revenue. The Quart Pot Creek Rail Bridge forms part of the Southern Railway Toowoomba - Warwick- Wallangarra. The line reached Warwick in 1871 and was extended to Stanthorpe to serve the tin industry in 1881. The railway was then extended to the border with New South Wales. The Quart Pot Creek Bridge was built as part of this extension. The original plans were drawn in 1880 and the contract plans were drawn up in 1884. The line opened for traffic between Stanthorpe and Wallangarra, the change of gauge border station, on 4 February 1887. Interstate rail services commenced on 16 January 1888, linking Brisbane with Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Plans to strengthen the 50-foot girder spans had first been drawn up in 1904 to permit the operation of heavier locomotives on the Sydney Mail and work began on the Warwick-Wallangarra section in 1910. The No.7 span was braced in 1913 to further accommodate 12-ton axle loads.

Description The Quart Pot Creek Rail Bridge comprises 7 50-foot (15.2 metre) spans of 3 rivetted deck type metal double lattice girders supported on six concrete piers and two abutments. It has a total length of 106.7 metres. The centre girders, the pier tops and bedplates have been altered. The No.7 span has been braced. The bridge carries a single 1.07m gauge railway.

Element Name Quart Pot Creek Rail Bridge
Design Period 1870s - 1890s Late 19th century
Construction Period 1886 - 1886
Construction Method Truss - lattice
Fabric (Exterior Structure) Metal - steel
Place Components Abutments - railway bridge
Pier/s (bridge)

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Last updated: 15 March 2013

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