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Atinee Building

Place Details
Place ID 600900
Registration Type State Heritage
Place Name Atinee Building
Place Classification Built
Place Category Commercial/Financial/Professional
Place Type Bank
Themes 3 Developing secondary and tertiary industries / 3.7 Financing
Register Entry Date 21/10/1992

Address 205-207 Flinders Street
Town / Suburb TOWNSVILLE
Post Code 4810

Cultural Heritage Significance
Principal Period
of Significance
1890s (fabric) 1897c- 1938c (historical use by CBC)
Criterion A The impressive style of the structure emphasises the role the Commercial Bank of Australia played in the economic growth of the region during the early twentieth century.
Criterion B The Atinee Building is commercial structure of unusual design in the Townsville region and as such it is a feature of the streetscape in Flinders Street.
Criterion D It is a good example of a commercial building constructed with wide verandahs and decorated with timber and cast iron.
Criterion E The Atinee Building is commercial structure of unusual design in the Townsville region and as such it is a feature of the streetscape in Flinders Street.

History The building was erected in 1897c and was the second premises of the Commercial Banking Company of Australia Ltd. The Bank operated from this building for forty one years and the Relatino Restaurant for twenty three years from 1955. Recently the building has become well known as the Back Packers Hostel.

Description This symmetrical three-storeyed building of the Federation period has deep shady verandahs on the upper two levels. These verandahs, which extend over the footpath, are decorated with cast-iron balustrades and friezes, together with timber fretwork. The ground floor shop front and interior have been modernised while the upper floors remain basically intact. The brick building, which is well designed for the tropics, is surmounted by a parapet and centrally placed pediment. While the structure is in need of maintenance, it is still in reasonable condition and its integrity is basically intact.

Element Name Atinee Building
Designer Name Cowlishaw, James Percy Owen
Design Period 1870s - 1890s Late 19th century
Builder Name Harrison, JC & Sons
Construction Period 1897c - 1897c
Construction Method Load-bearing brick
Fabric (Exterior Structure) Brick
Roof Form Parapet front

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Last updated: 15 March 2013

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