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Koumala War Memorial

Place Details
Place ID 601292
Registration Type State Heritage
Place Name Koumala War Memorial
Place Classification Built
Place Category Monuments and Memorials
Place Type Memorial/Monument
Themes 8 Creating social and cultural institutions / 8.6 Commemorating significant events
Register Entry Date 27/08/1999

Address Mumby Street
Town / Suburb KOUMALA
Post Code 4738

Cultural Heritage Significance
Principal Period
of Significance
1959- (social) 1959 (historical, fabric)
Criterion A War Memorials are important in demonstrating the pattern of Queensland's history as they are representative of a recurrent theme that involved most communities throughout the state. They provide evidence of an era of widespread Australian patriotism and nationalism, particularly during and following the First World War.
Criterion D The monuments manifest a unique documentary record and are demonstrative of popular taste in the inter-war period. The memorial at Koumala demonstrates the principal characteristics of a commemorative structure erected as an enduring record of a major historical event. This is achieved through the appropriate use of various elements such as the cairn and commemorative plaque.
Criterion G It has a strong and continuing association with the community as evidence of the impact of a major historic event and as the focal point for the remembrance of that event.

History The Koumala War Memorial was erected in 1959 and was designed and produced by ? Funds for the memorial were raised by public subscription, arranged by the Koumala sub-branch of the RSL. The memorial was erected in honour of those who served in all wars and particularly honours the six local men who made the supreme sacrifice in honour of their country during the Second World War. Six small trees have recently been planted by the school children with each tree representative of one the six men. Temporary plaques displaying the names were placed beside each tree and it is intended that these will be replaced with more permanent plaques at some stage.

Description The Koumala War Memorial is situated in a reserve next to the Koumala State School, facing Bull Street. The reserve is surrounded by a low chain wire fence with white painted metal frames. The setting in which the memorial is located is barren apart from new plantings of 'Ned Kelly' Grevilleas, and a flagpole which stands directly behind the memorial. The memorial is constructed of white painted concrete and comprises a double stepped base from which rises an obelisk on a square plinth. The front face of the plinth features a plaque with a commemorative statement from the citizens of the Koumala district. The obelisk is surmounted by a small Latin cross.

Element Name Koumala War Memorial
Design Period 1940s - 1960s Post-WWII
Construction Period 1959 -
Place Components Fence/Wall - perimeter
Memorial - obelisk

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Last updated: 15 March 2013

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