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Pandanus Creek Battery

Place Details
Place ID 601848
Registration Type State Heritage
Place Name Pandanus Creek Battery
Alternative Name Breitkreuz's Mill
Place Classification Built
Place Category Mining and Mineral Processing
Place Type Stamper battery
Themes 2 Exploiting, utilising and transforming the land / 2.2 Exploiting natural resources
Register Entry Date 05/04/2004

Address Via Ravenswood to Mingela Road
Town / Suburb RAVENSWOOD
Post Code 4816

Cultural Heritage Significance
Principal Period
of Significance
1890, 1904 (Fabric), 1904-1916c (Historical)
Criterion A The Pandanus Creek battery is important in demonstrating the evolution of gold mining practices in north Queensland during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The place is also significant for its association with the enterprising Mr C. Breitkreutz of Rochford, where the battery had originally been part of the Hadleigh Castle mill.
Criterion B The battery is significant as one of very few surviving intact isolated stamp batteries in the Charters Towers Mining District.
Criterion D The technology of processing ore at the site is demonstrated through the association of the battery with a brick chimney, gas engine and a concentrating treatment plant below the battery, which includes berdan pans.

History The Pandanus Creek battery was relocated by C. Breitkreutz from Rochford in 1904 where it had been known as the Hadleigh Castle Mill. It had been erected in 1890. The 1890's were the heyday of mining in the district. It is not known when the battery ceased operations, but Breitkreutz owned the Three Sisters and Sisters Extended Mines on the Kirk River to the east and they were working between 1900 and 1916.

Description Compact and partly intact battery situated on the eastern bank of Pandanus Creek immediately north of a recent re-treatment plant, which is currently mothballed. The battery comprises two almost intact 5 headsets of stamps in iron frames. One mortar box is manufacture by Walkers Limited, the other by Brand and Drybrough. Alongside immediately to the north of the battery is a Ruston one cylinder gas engine. The treatment area below the battery contains the remains of a wilfley table and five berdan pans including three in situ. Three 5-metre diameter corrugated iron tanks are also located in this area. The brick chimney has received substantial damage to its northwest base possibly during removal of the boiler. Other features of the site include a stone launder from the mill area to the creek and the remains of a stone forge. Battery shed timber uprights remain in situ. Plant: 5 head battery and frame - (mortar box) Walkers Limited. Five head battery & frame - (mortar box) Brand & Drybrough Townsville: (stamper frame) Brand & Drybrough Engineers Townsville. One cylinder gas engine with flywheel - Ruston Lincoln England. 5 Berdan Pans (3 in situ). Wilfley Table (fragments).

Element Name Pandanus Creek Battery
Design Period 1900 - 1914 Early 20th century
Construction Period 1904 - 1904
Fabric (Exterior Structure) Brick
Place Components Settling tank / pond
Chimney/Chimney stack
Machinery/Plant/Equipment - mining/mineral processing
Battery/Crusher/Stamper/Jaw breaker

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Last updated: 15 March 2013

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