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Protected Area - SS Marloo

Place Details
Place ID 800001
Registration Type Protected Area
Place Name Protected Area - SS Marloo
Place Classification Archaeological
Place Category Marine and Maritime Industry
Place Type Shipwreck
Themes 5 Moving goods, people and information / 5.4 Using shipping
Register Entry Date 12/10/2002

Property Name Great Sandy National Park
Post Code 4650

Cultural Heritage Significance
Protected Area The site of the Marloo has been declared by regulation of the Queensland Heritage Act 1992 (see Section 8 of the Queensland Heritage Regulation 2003) to be a protected area.

History Steel steamer of 2628 tons. Ex 'Francesco Crispi' and built at Newcastle on Tyne, UK in 1891. Owned by the Adelaide Steamship Company, the Marloo hit on Sandy Cape Shoal. She made water fast before beaching on Fraser Island north of Waddy Point on 27 September 1914. The crew and all 38 passengers were rescued. Most of the steamer's cargo was salvaged before a north-easterly gale frustrated attempts to refloat her and she soon went to pieces. The remains of the Marloo have been blasted to recover brass.

Description Located on the beach north of Waddy Point on Fraser Island. The remains are located below the surface and are sometimes exposed due to tidal events and erosion. The remains were last exposed in October 2002.

Keywords Maritime heritage

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Last updated: 15 March 2013

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